50 Facts Every Investor Should Know

In this 50 minute presentation Paul will cover 50 of the most important investment ideas we should understand.  Each of these 50 ideas are the source of knowledge that should lead to better returns, less risk or greater peace of mind.  Warren Bufett say, “To be a success one only has to do a very few things right, as long as they don’t do too many things wrong.”  This list of 50 includes all of the things you need to do right along with a bunch of things most investors do wrong.  The list of 50 gives perspective to how investing really works so we don’t get sucked into expensive sales pitches that will likely make the sales person more than the investor.  


*Learn a lot of very important lessons about successful investing

*At least 10 of the 50 have the ability to make a million dollar difference over the life of an investor

*Several of the one minute pieces are so important that Paul hopes to motivate the viewer to dig a little deeper and put the idea to work in their own portfolio


*Paul's list of 50 also includes some of the most common myths of investing

*With only one minute devoted to each idea, this is a list CPAs may want to share with their clients

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