Medicare and Its Gaps: What You and Your Clients Simply MUST Know

  • Tuesday, December 12, 2017

    2:00pm – 3:00pm
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    Advisory Services

Healthcare costs threaten to bust retirement plans. Your clients know it and look to you for options and solutions. In this session you'll discover answers to crucial client questions: How does original Medicare work? What are Parts A & B? Are there deadlines for enrolling? Do I really need supplemental insurance? Where can I get unbiased information and advice? After this session you'll be ready and able to answer client questions and direct them to valuable resources. And from now on, you'll tickle every client file for three months before their 65th birthday.


*Medicare ABCs: When to apply. Part A. Part B

*Three pathways to fill the gaps in Medicare.

* Medigap plans.

* Advantage plans

*Part D Plans

*LTC Plans


*Medicare Basics: When to enroll (age 65 rules and exceptions). How to enroll. Need to supplement Medicare.

* Medicare Coverage:  Two Parts of “Original” Medicare 

* Part A: Hospital Insurance. Inpatient hospital care plus follow-up care. No premium for most.

* Part B: Medical Insurance. Doctor, outpatient, and certain other services. 2016 monthly base premium. Part B variable premiums and income brackets.

* Gaps in Medicare—pre-65 and post-65

* Filling the Gaps in Medicare--Before 65/Medicare eligibility: Retiree plans. Employer group plans. Individual plans

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