Taking Your Business Paperless

  • Friday, December 8, 2017

    9:00am – 12:36pm
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    Business Management and Organization

The definition of the Paperless Office has radically evolved over the past decade. Would you like to have secure, reliable access to information more rapidly than you have today while reducing storage space requirements and costs? This seminar will guide you through the process of moving from physical documents to creating, sharing and protecting these documents in electronic form. We will also discuss the ramifications of e-discovery and how to find, protect and prepare for court in the event you receive a subpoena for records. The course begins with understanding paperless issues and how to best organize your documents. It then moves on to suggest what options are best for your business.


*Define key paperless office terms such as Document Management Records Management and Business Process Management; calculate the ROI of Paperless; and identify the Steps to Prepare for Paperless *Describe the need for Records Retention Guidelines and define a Records Retention Policy

*Identify key characteristics of Electronic File Cabinet solutions and Document Management solutions and typical costs associated with these systems; recognize key vendors of these solutions and the products and services they offer

*Identify key hardware requirements for moving to paperless including Scanners Computers Storage Memory Operating Systems and Network Considerations

*Describe key data backup disaster recovery and business continuity issues and identify key vendors in this area and the solutions they offer


*Information Storage

*Paperless Issues


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Business Management and Organization

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