Walkin', Talkin', Lookin', and Listenin', or Things That Most Auditors Don't Do Well

An auditor may perform an audit in accordance with all of the professional standards and still have a substandard audit IF they do not Walk, Talk, Look and Listen.  If there's a problem, someone knows.  This program highlights the way an auditor (or really anyone else) can discover problems within an organization by making themselves available, talking to individuals, listening to what they have to say (no matter how dull it is) and observing. Chance are the participants will never look at an audit the same after this presentation.


*Understand the importance and the nature of establishing rapport with individuals
*Observe (but do you really see what you see)
*Persuade individuals to tell you what they know and think
*Identify individuals in an organization that may have information that may assist you in
*Speak to individuals on their level and not yours
*Dress to relate, not to impress or intimidate


*How to make sure everyone knows you're there and where you will be
*The importance of establishing rapport
*Making sure you understand what you have seen and heard
*What to do if the answer just does not make sense
*How to control a conversation
*They have something you want - You don't have anything they want
*The importance of maintaining your creditability

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