Employment Law Update: Reducing Employer Liability

  • Friday, December 15, 2017

    9:00am – 12:59pm
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    Business Law

Employment law issues affect virtually every business, governmental entity, and not-for-profit organization. This update examines trends in employmentrelated claims and settlements including; members of protected classes and the implications of that membership; analysis of state trends in employment litigation; e-employment and cyber issues such as employee and employer social media rights; device and internet use and monitoring; employer liability issues for employee internet use; telecommuting and "off-the-clock" work issues; wrongful termination; bullying and its implications; harassment; and retaliation. This course also introduces you to the Employment Claim Risk Assessment Tool, which provides you a framework to analyze your organization's or your client's exposures to employment-related claims. TOPICS DISCUSSED  Employment issues related to social media, e-device and bring your own device (BYOD), internet use, and website contents  Wrongful termination, at-will employment, constructive discharge and retaliation  Dealing with whistleblowers in all types of organizations  Factors that lead to employers being sued for multi-million dollar verdicts in favor of former employees  Using a risk assessment tool to assess employment claim exposures


LEARNING OBJECTIVES When you complete this course you will be able to:
  • Interpret recent trends in employment claims and employer liability.
  • Assess employment and cyber employment risks to your organization or a client's organization.
  • Determine why retaliation claims and suits are increasing dramatically.
  • Analyze factors leading to all types of harassment claims, including sexual harassment.
  • Evaluate how wrongful termination claims fit in the framework of claims made in common employment suits.

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