How I Embezzled $14 Million as a Corporate Director

Learn how a former USAF fighter and bomber pilot fooled multiple auditors for 7+ years.  Learn how he used a position of influence to develop a scheme to steal money.  See what so many auditors overlooked and therefore never suspected a fraud was being committed.  Finally, learn what measures a company can implement to effectively eliminate this from happening to them! 


Please Note:  This course is not approved for Texas, Florida, Virginia, Washington Ethics or any other state with a state specific ethics requirement.  Contact help@acpen.com if you have specific questions on your state.  


* Learn why corporate fraud is always a risk.

* Learn how it can happen at every level within an organization – and NOT just in Accounting!

* Most important- theft can be prevented – LEARN HOW TODAY!


* What internal procedures and controls could have prevented my theft?

* Learn how I used my position of trust within the company to embezzle $14 million.

* What positions/departments in your company are vulnerable, and why?

* What should an auditor look for, and what are the signs that a fraud has been committed?

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Purchasing and Accounts Payable Managers, CPAs in public practice, Auditors, Clients, Internal Auditors, Controllers, Supply Chain Managers, CFOs, CEOs, executives and board members



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