Devious Ethics: Dealing with Snakes in Suits

Good people believe everyone else is just like them. They cannot imagine someone could con them or their company and have no guilt or remorse about what they have done. Lack of guilt and empathy are key traits of a psychopath. Most of us envision psychopaths to be cold-blooded serial killers who are locked away in prison. However, experts estimate that 4% of corporate executives are psychopaths who may initially appear to be more normal than the rest of us. Psychopaths may present a convincing picture of virtue while helping themselves to money, status and sex while leaving a path of shattered expectations, empty wallets, and broken hearts in their wake. Learn how to recognize and deal with others who have no conscience. 


*Identify individuals who may be planning to con you or your company and know how to cope with the situation within the guidelines of the accounting profession's standards for resolving ethical conflict


*Discuss psychopathy's symptoms

*Review accounting professional ethics standards for dealing with a boss, co-worker or client who is breaking the rules

*Look at precautions you should take when considering a new boss or employee

*Help identify someone who might con you or your company

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