Seven High Quality Questions that Lead to Solutions & Success

  • Tuesday, December 12, 2017

    8:00pm – 9:40pm
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    Personal Development

Starting your day with the question "how will I EVER get this all done?" is only ONE kind of question to start the day with. Oftentimes, it's a question that leads to stress, anxiety and overwhelm! This workshop will explore the 7 HIGH QUALITY questions that lead to relief, enthusiasm and success.  It will be an interactive exploration in which you will leave with a  game plan  to use right away as well as an opportunity to practice the mindset that the most successful and happiest people use daily.  Join me for an opportunity to create your best year yet!


*Create awareness of current energy drains

*Connect with your meaningful personal and professional goals

*Understand the power of gratitude as a powerful and valuable fuel

*Creating new mindsets, habits and rituals to enhance productivity and happiness

*Master a strategy for prioritizing your time

*Learn the value of using the wisdom of your body to navigate challenges

*Incorporate reflection and planning into your day

*learn the value of intentional living

*Solve problems with a new mindset that also calms anxiety



*Goal setting


*Setting a 'tone' of success

*Priorities as a means to mindful living

*Reflection & Planning as tools to generate clarity & intention

*connecting with the wise resource often overlooked in business models

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