The Successful Woman CPA - Handling Stress, Overwhelm & Running on Empty - Part 2

  • Saturday, December 16, 2017

    2:00pm – 6:00pm
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    Personal Development

You know the feeling…bound by your responsibilities and what you REALLY want is just out of reach.  Long-lasting, sustainable success, professionally and personally is a blend of both creativity and productivity.  These are skills that can be easily learned and with some practice will change the quality of your days and the level of your success  both as woman and a CPA.


*Success Intelligence - A right & left brain approach to personal and professional success. Learn how to toggle between the strengths of your left brain and the wisdom of your right brain. 

* Putting it all together - create your own daily practice and toolkit of success


*The Eureka moment- what it is and how to use it whenever you are stuck in a loop of overwhelm

*The value of listening to your body to relieve physical and mental stress

*The three qualities that guarantee fulfillment – how to identify them and use them to inform your actions and decisions

*Mindfulness Meditation to support your wellbeing

*Personal and Professional rituals and touchstones to enhance productivity and fulfillment

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