Reimbursing Under Accountable Expense Reimbursement Plans

Fortunes are won and lost based upon the integrity of the underlying situation. Reimbursing employees and other workers for business expenses are no exception. Tens of thousands of dollars, if not more, are at risk annually, all at the throws of whether an accountable expense reimbursement plan is properly structured and operated.  To be on the right side of this one, nothing at all can be taken for granted.  All must be done impeccably else the employment and income tax consequences can be fierce.



*To learn the critical importance of proper structure and operation of an accountable plan to reimburse employees for out-of-pocket business expenditures

*To learn how proper substantiation can save your bacon or improper substantiation can cook it

*To learn how to do everything right in this context and take nothing for granted


* Proper structure and operation of an accountable expense reimbursement plan 

* Deadly consequences of failure to properly structure and operate

* Per diem plans for away from home travel and meals

* Reimbursing employees for use of employee's vehicle

* Substantiation that works compared with falling flat on its face

* What does WWWWH have to with it anyway?

* How language on the paycheck stub can sink your boat (even if you do everything else right)

* What is temporary travel and why is it so not cool if it's not

* When an employer can pay for an item directly and to avoid taxable wages (what substantiation must be done no matter what)

* How a sole proprietor or partner can benefit from these rules

* How stabs at expense reimbursement can be driven by high workers compensation premiums

* Tool rentals:  The good, the bad and the not pretty at all

* How the Alaskan pipeline led to a huge stumbling block we all must heed

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Any person desiring to responsibly structure and operate tax free reimbursement of employees and other workers for business expenses such as travel, entertainment, meals, transportation and other. Also, for persons desiring tax free direct payment of such expenses on behalf of a worker.



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