Taxation of Health Benefits

The health insurance fringe benefit world has been badly disrupted at best, if not mostly blown out of the water.  How does an employer hang in there in the face of it all?  How do fringe benefits across the board be offered and employment taxes reduced?   How does contract labor be retained safely?  This course helps restore order in putting back in place the fruit flying everywhere.


*To gain a current understanding of how to steer clear of obstacles presented by ACA

*To understand how to responsibly offer health care insurance and other benefits to employees, keep penalties and employment taxes at their lowest possible level and utilize contract labor without doom


*Best practices for offering health insurance and benefits to employees

*Affording health insurance and other benefits which avoid penalties and don’t put you in the poor house

*HSAs, HRAs, FSAs, health insurance and self insurance

*How to keep the contract labor government hat trick form handing your head to you

*Professional Employer Organizations – Savior or sticky wicket?

*Keeping the wolf away from the door – a/k/a Making it more interested in someone else 

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Anyone desiring to be kept up to date with recent developments in the federal tax law surrounding offering health insurance and other care benefits to employees, with a special emphasis on what still works, how to afford it, penalty avoidance and related tax compliance



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