Financial Planning for the Big Picture

  • Thursday, December 21, 2017

    11:00am – 7:00pm
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    Business Law, Economics, Finance, Personal Development, Specialized Knowledge and Application, Taxes

This workshop includes:

Protection against disaster first.

Then overview of historical financial/retirement planning.  

Calculating your personal retirement need.

Risks and rewards of investing in securities post-2008. 

REITS, annuities, precious metals and other investment possibilities. 

Some focus will be placed upon non-financial areas connected to everyone's successful retirement - e.g, philanthropy, and activities.


*To protect assets in case of another "financial deleveraging event"

*To help professionals invest for a successful retirement


*A four box model of the Big Picture of financial/retirement planning, including misconceptions about financial/retirement planning, and a brief retirement plan calculation with references.

*Physical issues including health concerns, and a health bibliography.

*The legal world of 401ks, the Pension Protection Act, and the new DOL rules for fiduciaries.

*Investing in securities, including symptoms of Bull and Bear markets, investing for income, Daniel Amerman's "Flaws in Conventional Financial Planning," Closed end mutual funds and ETFs. 

*Real Estate overview including REIT investing.

*Annuities - risks and rewards for a portfolio.

*Dollar creation by the FED, and risks to the Dollar today.

*Future problems & issues as seen by Jim Willie

*The compelling need for gold and silver in a portfolio today.  Analyzing and investing in gold and silver coins, as well as mining companies.

*Elder issues involving philanthropy and death planning.

*Conclusion and retirement bibliography

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Legal and accounting and banking professionals who are advising clients about retirement investing, or involved in managing their firm's assets.



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Business Law, Economics, Finance, Personal Development, Specialized Knowledge and Application, Taxes

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