Crowd Funding - Debt & Equity

Passage of the 2012 JOBS Act effectively lifted previous bans on private companies raising funds from the public. The Securities and Exchange Commission will release regulations for raising equity through crowd funding. Crowd funding will not be appropriate for all companies. Risks, advantages, disadvantages and costs exist. Whether crowd funding is or is not an appropriate method for your organization to raise debt or equity, it is becoming a part of the Finance landscape and toolkit. This session covers using crowd funding to raise debt and equity. An independent companion session covers crowd funding for donations and pre-sales.


*Discuss the four types of crowd funding: donations, pre-selling, debt & equity

*Review the JOBS Act, Risks, advantages, disadvantages and costs of crowd funding to raise debt or equity

*Forecast of when regulations will be available so US firms can raise equity using crowd funding

*Analysis of successful crowd funding projects, including international firms and US firms that have raised debt and equity by crowd funding


*Crowd Funding



*2012 JOBS Act

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